If you want to stay fit, then you can start going to the gym. Today, you will find lots of gyms where there are good equipment and trainer to help you get a fit body. Here are the best gyms in London.


Many people are now utilizing their lunch time by doing cardio workouts in the gym. 1Rebel is one of the best gyms in London. It offers 30 to 45-minute classes. Some classes are accompanied by music and live bands. This gym focuses on being social while exercising. It is a great gym if you want to get in shape.


If you have tried many gyms and got bored with them, then you must visit KX. It offers varieties of classes. The classes are small so that every member can receive dedicated attention. Its classes include contemporary dance as well. It uses various equipment and techniques to help the members get fit.

Core Collective

This gym has a juice bar and art gallery. It offers high-intensity workouts. It is one of the hottest fitness destinations in London. It only charges for the class you take; there is no sign-up or monthly fee. This gives the members flexibility.


It focuses on fun workouts. That’s why this gym attracts young men and women on Friday night as well. It has 104 unique classes every week. There is a class on ‘Lady Gaga’ theme as well. Many live DJs also perform here.

These gyms have revolutionized the concept of a workout. People in London love to go to these gyms. These gyms encourage people to stay fit and healthy all the time.

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